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1 coffee
1 water


Fill machine with cold water up to water level for desired number of cups. Do not cover safety valve hole with water. Fill brew basket to rim with coffee. For 9 cups, remove the reducer from the brew basket and fill entire basket.

For 3 or 6 cups, use the reducer as follows: long stem facing down for 3 cups; short stem facing down for 6 cups. Clean off excess grounds from brew basket rim and o-ring. Close and tighten down knob as far as possible. Close steam valve.

Place machine on high heat and put a carafe under valve to catch coffee. Coffee will begin to drip out slowly after 3-10 minutes, and appear very dark. As brewing process continues, stream will become strong and steady, and coffee will lighten.

When coffee stops and becomes noisy, close coffee valve and remove carafe. If you are making cappuccino, close valve and let steam build up. Put cream or milk in cup and open steam valve to froth.

Makes 6

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