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God Bless Americans

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Declaration of Independence
Fathers Day
Fire Fighters Tribute
God Bless Americans
Grandparents Day
Inspiration That Moved Our Fellow Man
Labor Day
Martin Luther King Day
Memorial Day
Pirates Creed of Ethics
POW - MIA Table
September, 11th
Valentines Day
Veteran's Day

God Bless Americans short or tall, fat or thin
God bless Americans big or small

God bless Americans whether they call themselves
African Americans, Spanish Americans or Native Americans
God bless them all

God bless the Christians, Muslims, Hindus and the Atheist too
God bless Americans

God bless Americans when they lie bleeding for some other countries cause
God bless Americans

God bless Americans here and abroad
God bless everyone that calls themselves Americans
Now and forever

You can be proud to be an American because God blesses us all
God bless Americans big and small

Written By Darryl Franklin

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