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Inspiration That Moved Our Fellow Man

It all started with one man's hate for his fellow man
His hate took very little to spread to our fellow man
Millions of people were cut down in their prime.

Thousands of young soldiers searched for cover
They tried to hide but death came down like rain
The dying boys cried for help then to their mothers.

For the young soldiers that could not be saved
The poor medics could only turn
and look the other way

Millions of young men on every side
Lay bleeding in the mud and rubble and then died
Stacks of bodies covered the countryside
Pictures were taken to show the hunter's prize

The cities burned as the bombs fell from the sky
People cheered as the news reels rolled
With reports of the great battles won

Then great sadness came from our battles lost
The enemy's heavy guns struck fear in their eyes
Some shook and some cried

As enemy planes dove from the sky
Our brave navy boys would stand and fight
Some lived and some died

As our brave soldiers jumped from the sky
Thousands of white parachutes filled the sky
They fell all over the countryside
Some lived and some died

Hundreds of thousands of brave airmen flew in the sky
To complete a mission they were given that day
They flew great planes but were blown from the sky

Heroic Marines charge the beach heads one island at a time
On a tiny island covered with black sand
The horrific fight began
Against all odds they crawled forward one inch at a time
A flag was raised and a picture taken

The battles were won but the cost was very high
With each order given our brave soldiers died

In many countries where our brave young soldiers died
They buried them in long thin lines
Now small white crosses tell us their names

Years have gone by and large monuments have been erected
With huge American Flags waving above them

Still to this day if you talk to those brave soldiers
That fought in those places
You can still see the despair in their faces

It all started with one man's hate for his fellow man
Now the memories of the war are fading

It's up to us to keep their memories
And the inspiration that moved our fellow man alive

Written by Darryl Franklin

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